World 1st Hair Dryer with Essence

World 1st Hair Dryer with Essence

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Introducing New Hair Dryer Dreame Hair Glory - Launching on 3rd March 2023.

World 1st Hair Dryer with Essence, Mar 2, 2023

Features that surpass competitors

Dreame Hair Glory is competing with other hair dryer that is currently in the market.

  • Essence for hair care, moisture and nourishment  

  • Leading industry with 70m/s airspeed  

  • Leading industry in smart technology that measures & regulate heat at 100x per second 

  • Highest in industry with 300 million platinum ions 

  • 2 min fast dry for shoulder hair length 

Dreame Hair Glory 

Dreame’s latest hair dryer has a few leading features that you will not be able to find in other competitors’ products. 

1st Hair Dryer with Essence in Singapore

Essence for Hair Care 

The unique feature of Hair Glory is the essence attachment. It comes with an essence capsule and an essence nozzle. The essence capsule comes with a mild, delightful fragrance and helps to improve elasticity by 37.1%, moisture by 19.5%, smoothness by 136.2% and 62% shinier hair. This was reported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Report no. WCK22-50-600). 

Leading Industry Technology 

Dreame Hair Glory's incredible air speed is another impressive feature. With 110,000 rpm and 70 m/s, it is one of the highest in the industry. It also comes with 4 temperature settings and 2 speed controls. The combination of the essence and temperature speed control makes this set up ideal for styling hair while also nourishing it. 

Fluffy styles: Cool temperature + high air speed 

Bouncy/Curly styles: 57°C temperature + low air speed 

Blowout styles: Hot/cold cycling + high air speed 

Dreame's R&D arm enhances the already high performance of Hair Glory by incorporating a smart NTC chip that helps to regulate heat by 100 times per second in the 57°C mode, ensuring consistent heat that effectively avoids overheating your hair or scalding your scalp.  

What will you get? 

Dreame Hair Glory comes in two colors (Rose Gold & White) and will launch on 3 March 2023. It is available here at SGD229 (U.P $499). 

  1. Smoothing Nozzle 
  2. Dreame Hair Glory 
  3. External Hair Glory package 
  4. User manual 
  5. Limited edition Dawn Rose flavor essence + Essence nozzle (Not in photo) 

You can view this video for a sneak peak of the product. 

Dreame Hair Glory with EssenceEssential Oil Pod

Dasher Early-Bird Promotion 

Dreame Hair Glory - WhiteDreame Hair Glory - Rose Gold

Early birds can purchase the Dreame Hair Glory for just $229. In addition, you'll receive essence nozzle for just adding more $29.90 ONLY now. 

It also comes with a 2-year local warranty. Be sure you are holding for this massive savings! Get One Here.

 Dreame Hair Glory - Rose Gold & Cloud White


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