【Press Release】 The world's first robotic vacuum with 7000 Pa - Dreame L20 Ultra

【Press Release】 The world's first robotic vacuum with 7000 Pa - Dreame L20 Ultra

Is Dreame L10s Ultra SE the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner? Reading 【Press Release】 The world's first robotic vacuum with 7000 Pa - Dreame L20 Ultra 4 minutes

The world's first robotic vacuum with 7000 Pa suction force and the ability to "reach" into corners! The fully automatic DreameBot L20 Ultra is completely hands-free . 


August 25, 2023, Singapore .

Coming this August! The new Dreame Robotic Vacuum is coming soon! Enjoy more innovative, intelligent, and efficient cleaning.

Dreame, the world's leading smart home technology brand, is hosting a product launch event. Get ready to experience the future of home cleaning with the upcoming launch of the DreameBot L20 Ultra. This game-changing creation is set to make its debut at COMEX 2023 on August 31, 2023, promising to redefine the way we think about clean homes.  


No other robot vacuum cleaner can have their mop pads extended to reach out to edges and corners. Say no blind spot! 

What sets the DreameBot L20 Ultra apart? It's all about the details. Imagine a robotic vacuum that doesn't just clean your floors but tackles those hard-to-reach corners with ease. Introducing the revolutionary MopExtend™ technology, a world-first innovation that equips the DreameBot L20 Ultra with extendable mop pads. Say goodbye to blind spots as this robot's mop pads reach into corners, wiping away dirt, dust, and stains for a thorough clean that leaves no stone unturned.  

The DreameBot L20 Ultra boasts an impressive 7000 Pa of suction force, making it a powerhouse when it comes to picking up even the tiniest particles from your floors and carpets. It's like having a miniature cleaning superhero working tirelessly to keep your home spotless.  

The convenience factor of the DreameBot L20 Ultra is unparalleled. Its base station is a hub of automated features, including automatic dust collection, hassle-free mop pad changes, automatic water replacement, and even a top-up for the Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. With the 3.2L Anti-bacterial Dust Bag needing replacement only five times a year, maintenance becomes a breeze. And with a generous 4.5L Water Tank and a 6400 mAh battery that charges 30% faster than its predecessors, you can count on longer cleaning sessions that keep your family's sanctuary sparkling clean.  


The magic doesn’t stop there! Total hands-free cleaning if connected with water hookup kit. Direct refill from water source and discharge water straight to drainage.  

For those who want to take convenience a step further, the option to connect the DreameBot L20 Ultra with the water hookup kit is a game-changer. Say goodbye to manual water refills – this innovation connects the base station directly to your water source, making refilling and drainage an effortless task.  

Beyond its physical capabilities, the intelligence of the DreameBot L20 Ultra shines through. Equipped with the Intelligent Optical Dirt System, it gauges the cleanliness of the Mop Pad and adjusts its cleaning routine accordingly. The AI Action camera, enhanced with laser distance detection, skillfully navigates around obstacles, ensuring a precise and efficient cleaning process. Even in low-light conditions, the Night Vision Light comes to the rescue, helping the robot detect objects accurately.  


Hot Air Drying to cleanse and remove any unwanted smell from mop pads. Let the robot do the work without dirtying your hands! 

Dreame's commitment to a cleaner and healthier home environment is evident in every detail. The base station's hot air-drying feature ensures that mop pads are not only washed but also free from unwanted odors and bacteria, promoting a hygienic living space.  

Dreame's journey from its inception in 2017 to a global technology leader is a testament to its dedication to innovation. The launch of the DreameBot L20 Ultra marks another milestone, pushing the boundaries of cleaning technology and automation. Stay connected with us through our social media channels for more exciting updates and product releases that promise to transform the way you clean and live.  


About Dreame   

Establishment in 2017, Dreame Technology has been a trailblazer in consumer products, focusing on smart home appliances that enhance lives through cutting-edge technology. Join us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to stay in the loop. The official distributor for Dreame Technology in Singapore is DM Dasher Pte Ltd. For more information, visit https://dreame.sg/.  

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